Moe Pipe Organ Company can provide you with a complete selection of options for renovation and/or expansion of your existing organ.   While the possibilities are almost endless, several options are detailed below to give you an idea of what can be done to virtually any organ.

New Electrical Systems

 The most common upgrade installed in an organ is a new electrical system.   Older instruments employ various types of electrical systems that allow the organist to control the instrument from the console.   These systems invariably wear out after many years and require replacement for the organ to continue to function correctly.  

 Today's solid-state electronic control systems accomplish this with ease.   In addition to basic organ operation, a solid-state system can provide a host of other new and very useful features, such as a transposer and automatic pedal couplers to assist the organist with the operation of the instrument.  

 A state-of-the-art solid-state electronic version of the combination memory system is also available.  This system allows the organist to preset certain stops on thumb buttons in the console.  New combination systems generally have multiple levels of memory, some featuring hundreds of levels.  Many other features, such as adjustable Full Organ pistons and crescendo sequences, are also available.

 Another relatively new option made possible with an electrical upgrade is MIDI.  MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.   MIDI allows the organ to interface with other instruments such as keyboards and synthesizers, also equipped with MIDI.   This can be particularly useful on a small organ as it can be used to augment the organ's pipe sounds with sounds from other instruments.

 Another capability of MIDI is called sequencing.  This is simply a record and playback feature achieved by utilizing a device called a MIDI Sequencer.  This allows the organist to record a performance on the organ and play it back at a later time.  This is not an audio recording; it is a mechanical recording of the organ that, when played back, physically "plays" the organ.  The feature has many benefits, including allowing the organist to record a piece and then listen in a different part of the sanctuary to determine proper sound balance or volume.  It is also useful in providing "unmanned" accompaniment in churches where the organist is also the choir director.  Perhaps even more impressive, with pre-recorded music, a service will have organ accompaniment at the touch of a button, even if no one is available to play the instrument live!

Digital Augmentation

 One of the newer trends today is using digital sound to augment the sound of the pipe organ when space or budget limitations prevent the addition of real wind-blown pipes.  Stops can be reproduced digitally through a micro-processor-based system with amazing realism and clarity.  They can be voiced note-by-note, just like pipes, to blend seamlessly with your existing instrument.  Please contact us for more information or to find out where you can listen to this technology first hand.

Pipe Additions

 Often times, it is desirable to add more pipe work to an existing organ.  This may be done to give the organ more volume, broaden the palette of sounds available to the organist, allow more flexibility for playing various styles of music, or to add a new visual dimension to the sanctuary.  Many older organs already have spaces in the stop list that were prepared for future additions, and even if yours does not, Moe Pipe Organ Company can add stops and construct pipe additions that will blend flawlessly with your existing instrument. 

New Consoles and Console Restoration

 The organ console is often a focal point in the worship space, particularly in churches that place the console in the front of the sanctuary.  The organ console should blend with the style of the sanctuary and compliment other furnishings within the worship space, while remaining functional and easy to operate.  Sometimes, like other organ components, the console of a pipe organ simply wears out.  Age, heavy usage, antiquated controls, and other factors can make the organ difficult to play, and a poor or worn finish will detract from the beauty of the sanctuary.  A new or rebuilt console with the latest features will restore the beauty of this important organ component, and make it a joy to play once again.  Is your console due for a facelift?







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