Moe Pipe Organ Co. is committed to excellent service and only offers the very best workmanship and customer service available.  Quality tunings and repairs that blend seamlessly with the construction of your instrument, regardless of builder, are points on which we take great pride.  We strive to meet the individual needs of every customer in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.  Caring for your needs and the needs of your instrument are our number one priority.

What Constitutes a Service Call?

 Every service call that we make includes the following:
Testing of EVERY note, pipe, stop, pedal, and control in the organ.

Lubrication of the organ blower.

Repair of minor problems at the discretion of the service person at no extra charge.

Cleaning of the console including keys, stops, woodwork, and the floor under the pedal board.

Complete inspection of the organ for items that will need attention soon.


Inspection of the wind system for leaks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

 Moe Pipe Organ Co. guarantees your satisfaction with the service performed on your instrument.  If you discover anything that is not to your liking after we have serviced your instrument, please contact us within seven (7) days.  If we find that the problem is related to the recent service call we will take the necessary steps to solve the problem at no additional cost to the customer.

"As Needed´┐Ż"Service Calls

 Service is scheduled and performed as described above on an "as needed" basis when a customer contacts us.  Charges are calculated for this type of service call based on time, materials, mileage, and expenses.  


Contracted Service

 Under our contracted service plan, Moe Pipe Organ Co. and the customer enter into an agreement that Moe Pipe Organ Co. will provide a certain number of tunings per year depending on the individual needs of the customer.  There are several benefits to this type of service arrangement in addition to the reduced cost to the customer.  By having a service contract with Moe Pipe Organ Co. and the regular visits it provides, your instrument will be kept in the best possible playing condition.  It also allows us to keep close tabs on the condition of your instrument and to give you advanced notice of potential problems.

 To keep your organ in the best shape possible, we recommend a semi-annual service agreement that provides you with two tunings per year that may be scheduled at your convenience.  Spring and fall are common times to have your instrument tuned, but in most cases we can schedule service calls to fit your church's individual needs.  Keep in mind that churches with a semi-annual service agreement may be able to minimize costs, allowing us to group your service time with other customers in your area and reduce mileage charges.

 Please contact us for a quotation for this type of work, and we will schedule a visit to your church if necessary.  Any major repairs that arise will not be covered under the maintenance agreement but can  be quoted separately.

 Emergency Service

 This type of service is reserved for problems that occur which prevent the use of your instrument.  These calls are not covered under the service agreement mentioned above and are billed based on time, material, mileage and expenses.

Service Area

 Moe Pipe Organ Co. provides organ service to the states of Minnesota, Eastern North and South Dakota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin.  Please contact us for further information.






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